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I have read that people have had encounters with them in Logan. As far as Mamie's ghost, I have heard stories of people who have seen her on the way to work in the early morning hours before dawn.

Mamie Thurman’s Ghost

It is said she is in a white dress and glowing as she walks beside the four lane highway. We still try to go over there and see if we can see her ghost, but so far, no luck. I wonder if a jealous wife killed Mamie? I know that around Halloween they hold haunted hay rides that tell her story and the ride is a good one. Love your blog. Post a Comment. Pages Home Favorite Posts Contact.

This is a well-known Appalachian ghost story that is told in a small town called Logan in Southern West Virginia. This story involves a lurid tale of sex and evildoing. It is a tragic story of murder and a cover-up which even today remains a mystery. The following is based upon research that has been done in recent years. But in the small remote community of Logan, in Logan County West Virginia most people were peaceful, law abiding, church going folks.

Mamie Thurman

The fast and loose lifestyle of the twenties it seemed had not touched this town--at least not on the surface. Mamie Thurman and her husband Jack Thurman moved from Louisville, Kentucky to Logan the heart of the coalfields in He and Louise were very active in their church. He owed a debt of gratitude to Harry Robertson who recommended him for the job.

Robertson was also the president of the Logan City Commission.

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On the surface, Mamie appeared the ideal wife and faithful churchgoer. As it is in most small towns, the gossip mill kicked in. People often smirked about Mamie's fast and loose ways.

PARANORMAL: The Ghost and Murder of Mamie Thurman

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On Sept. The fear was the they could get set free by an invading army and return to the battle.

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Canada agreed to house prisoners and secure internment camps had to be located. Calydor Sanatorium was identified as a suitable place and was leased by the Government in It was designated as Internment Camp 20 or Camp Calydor.

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  4. German Prisoners were marched up the steps in the picture from the photo on this page and through the only gate into the secured compound read more here. Got a question? Drop me a line. Mamie Thurman. Her ghost is seen haunting Logan County. Due to a mysterious crime, the Holden 22 region of Logan County has been described as a hotbed of paranormal activity for well over seven decades. It is typically in October and early November — the official Halloween season — that our thoughts turn toward eerie ghost tales, peculiar folklore, and unexplainable phenomena.

    According to Troy Taylor, president of the American Ghost Society, Appalachia has more than its share of demented accounts of the macabre. It also has enough documented stories of ghostly manifestations and unsightly monsters to fill a large library. One such account that refuses to die, so to speak, is that of the homicide of Mamie Thurman—another entry into the chronicles of the bizarre. Keith Davis, of Chapmanville, continues to take the region by storm since its recent release.

    The violent story, as absolutely true as it is, has allegedly conjured up strange, unexplainable sightings of an apparition along Corridor G, Rt.