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Through a series of discoveries uncovered by tenacious research, Wiggins the character manages to bring the past history of her father to bear on the present in a way that is illuminating and satisfying.

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Wiggins the real author amplifies her story by incorporating selective images in the manner of W. Sebald, and fashions a fictional study of Curtis that reveals a complex, creative, charismatic yet contradictory individual. This is an extraordinary novel that exemplifies the best of historical fiction. Toggle navigation.

Marianne Wiggins

Browse our magazines Submit your novel for review. All articles Browse by Tag Browse Guides. Browse all members Become a member Search Members. Burke The story opens in present-day Los Angeles.

"Evidence of Things Unseen"

A watchword throughout this novel is "Print the Legend. Late in the novel Wiggins writes, "How the average person dreams is pretty much how the average novelist puts a page together. Marianne Wiggins was born and raised in the East, lived in Europe for many years, and now lives in California. How might a person come to develop such an obvious passion for a region—in this case the Western landscape—not her original home?

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The Shadow Catcher (Daughters of Eden, book 1) by Michelle Paver

Yet another big name author with a new book out this year is Haruki Murakami, whose book After Dark hits shelves in May. The book was originally published in Japan in , and has already been translated into some other languages, including Dutch. In keeping with the title, the novel tracks a number of nocturnal characters who dwell in Tokyo and have the sorts of encounters that tend to occur in the wee hours of the morning.

Still, I join Scott Esposito in hoping that Murakami breaks new ground with this new book.

Double Exposure

Also in May: the arrival of Divisadero by Michael Ondaatje. Not much available on this one yet, save a stray synopsis or two. Susanna Moore, best known for her novel In the Cut , has a new book coming out in May. This new book is a historical novel about the Old West photographer Edward Curtis. A number of the columns are from his time in Philadelphia, which should be of particular interest for me, since the city is now my home.

The Shadow Catcher A Novel

Another journalist whose new collection is, for me, hotly anticipated is Ryszard Kapuscinski. Kapuscinski is a Polish writer who, to me, is unsurpassed in his chronicling of the so-called Third World and its forgotten wars and struggles. Mentioned in: Prizes.

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