What does it mean when you are having the greatest sex in the world with a . It all started when i went to sleep i started dreaming about a vampire guy he was .. i was in a rage,and this thing stood at the end if the bed just looking, as some .

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Wittman, Carl. The Homosexual Dialectic. Joseph A. New York: Prentice-Hall, Ellison wanted to use the pen name D. The stories are not horrible. Soft-core novels kept a number of genre writers financially afloat. Clark, and Mark Ryan. Don Elliott is his best-known pen name and was a favorite among sleaze paperback fans, most likely because these books were quite well-written, given the quality of most of the literature on the newsstands. John Dexter, J. Silverberg does not recall which title this was. He was a college professor. That was all right. Her own father was a college professor.

That was how Ted Rourke had happened to come live with them in the first place. Ted Rourke was a professor of comparative literature at the college in Illinois. And when the regular semester ended the first week of June, Ted Rourke came east to spend the summer with the Clark family. He and Professor Clark were going to collaborate on a book. Sexteen The set-up here is obvious and common: the young professor succumbing to the flesh of precocious girls, students or otherwise.

I just do. Especially women. Then they gave you an hour and a half off, from ten to half past eleven. Then it was back to duty until four in the morning Keep doing it that way. Yes, Dan. Just like that. Hold me. I was 24 years old when I stumbled, much to my surprise, into a career of writing sex novels. In l, as a result of a behind-the-scenes convulsion in the magazine-distribution business, the whole SF publishing world went belly up.

A dozen or so magazines for which I had been writing regularly ceased publication overnight; and as for the tiny market for SF novels … it suddenly became so tight that unless you were one of the first-magnitude stars like Robert Heinlein or Isaac Asimov you were out of luck. Daley He writes that he could produce a soft-core novel for Hamling or others in six days, working in the morning to write an page chapter, taking a lunch break, then writing another chapter in the afternoon.

In the evenings he would switch to writing sf and non-fiction. By the sixth day, he had twelve to fourteen chapters, pages in typescript—all the Hamling books were pages—and would send the novel off. Hamling had come to the rescue of many genre writers who needed to pay the bills. When Hamling returned to Chicago, he started to write science fiction. In , he founded a fanzine called Stardust. He then landed a job with Ziff-Davis Publications, editing the pulps that he had been writing for, working alongside a young Hugh Hefner, who, like Hamling, had lofty notions about branching out as an independent magazine publisher.

In , Hamling established Greenleaf Publishing in the basement of his house in Evanston, Illinois: Greenleaf was his telephone exchange. He was pumping out sf pulps such as Imagination and Imaginative Tales which featured an entire novel in each issue. The science-fiction market was dwindling and Hamling noticed that there was money to be made in soft-core sex books with flashy covers such as those offered by Bedstand and Beacon Books.

Only Hamling knew that Silverberg was behind all of these names; they came to the publishers blind, through the Scott Meredith Literary Agency. Hamling had worked out a contract whereby the agency supplied new manuscripts for paperback books from a team of young writers, including Lawrence Block, Donald E. Westlake, Hal Dresner, and William Knowles. Each churned out a monthly title. Most of the writers churned them out strictly for the money and as a means to hone their writing skills for more serious fiction.

It was never assumed that sex novel writing was where you wanted to end your career, and many of the writers tried to have fun with the books. We even had a weekly card game attended by some of the writers and over beer and pretzels we would compete for the most outrageous sex scenes. Having noticed the success of Beacon and Bedstand soft-core books, Hamling began the Nightstand imprint. Technically, these books and magazines were not published through Greenleaf but by a shell company, Blake Pharmaceuticals, a failed firm whose shares Hamling had purchased for pennies. When Ellison returned to New York to pursue his writing career, Earl Kemp, a familiar face in sf fandom, replaced him.

Hamling was tired of paying off the police and the city officials to look the other way and soon decided it was time to get out of Dodge. Here, everywhere he looked, he saw someone he recognized, someone rich and famous and admired … the more he became addicted to California living, the less we saw of him around the Porno Factory in Evanston. Then, much to our dismay, he began making noises about changing the whole focus of the business and moving the operation totally to California where morals were a great deal more relaxed than in Illinois, where the really beautiful people lived, and where the sun always shined.

Along with this came his preliminary efforts at alerting certain key staff members to the eventuality of moving along with their jobs. I was one of them. Hamling also published a number of political books under the Greenleaf colophon. The last was a reprint of the government report accompanied by lewd and shocking for the times illustrations that generously filled the pages. Edgar Hoover sent his G-men after Greenleaf, an operation for which he had a personal loathing—and he was not alone.

In , Hamling was served a count indictment out of Houston, Texas, for violating the Federal criminal statutes of Interstate Transportation of Obscene Materials. One Book Called Ulysses , resulting in a victory for the literary elite, had now ended in with a triumph for the man in the street. They faced a count indictment. One count prosecuted the book on grounds of obscenity, another on knowingly distributing obscenity. The jury was hung on the obscenity issue and the Justice Department tried a secondary strategy: twelve counts of violating Post-Office prohibitions against sending sexual material through the mail.

This had nothing to do with the actual book, but rather with mailing 55, copies of a brochure describing it that included sample illustrations. Hamling and Kemp were also sentenced to five-year probation terms following their respective release dates. At three months and two days, they become property of the Justice Department, so the judge has only that much time, one day, to salvage that criminal from the Justice Department grist mill.

The only publishing survivor existing today and doing business is Leisure Books—and barely, having had one owner after the other over the decades. Olympia Press has been resurrected as an e-book and print-on-demand provider of many old, out-of-print titles without copyright holders; the company also issues old titles from other long-gone presses under its Ophir Press imprint. I have an extensive collection of these paperbacks—hundreds lined on a shelf in protective wrappers that immediately attract the attention of guests, who find these books and their covers far more interesting than my shelf of literary, sf, and mystery books.

The era of soft-core sleaze will fascinate scholars, collectors, and readers well into the twenty-second century. Ellison wrote cover copy for many Nightstand Books even after he left for New York; he was good with the colorful language needed on the covers. From public court records on microfiche at the U.

Personal email from Kemp. Hass, Ben. Hemmingson, Michael. Lovisi, Gary, ed. Dames, Dolls, and Delinquents. Cincinnati: Krause, Merchant, Paul. Chicago: Nightstand Books , Morgan, Lisa. Robinson, Frank M. The Truth about Vietnam: Report on U. Senate Hearings. Silverberg, Robert [as Don Elliott]. Convention Girl. Love Addict. Roadhouse Girl. Chicago: Midnight Reader , Sin Servant. Vincent, Stan. The Hot Beat. New York: Magnet, Robert A.

Lowndes observed in Who Killed Science Fiction that.

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Most of the science fiction titles had to find new vehicles of distribution—and found themselves up against individual, independent wholesalers who were not interested in handling these magazines and refused to take them or to do much of anything with them when they did. This hit the detective titles in the same way. Result: In many of the big cities, various science fiction titles cannot be found at any newsstand Everything seemed to be pretty screwed up heading out of the s, starting to run all out of whack.

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It was as if the world had started some massive upheaval, shaking itself as if trying to get rid of an infestation of pesty fleas. About , a movement taken behind my back at the University of Chicago Science Fiction Club did it to me, pushed me out in front. And somehow the improbable became the reality; I became the leader. So there I was, the leader of the pack, and loving it, and discovering much to my amazement that I was really good at it. Passing through town, every big-name writer was paraded before the ever-growing Chicago Group.

In , a handful of those devoted local science-fiction fans decided to go into business together. The rest of that story is history. I never had it so good. At one time, I thought I knew personally everyone associated with science fiction and sf magazines. Better yet, they knew me. I was going to be 25, married with children, and thought I knew just about zilch about everything I encountered. Fortunately the things I saw and experienced insured rapid knowledge acquisition—things I never dreamed about, much less thought could happen.

Some were good, some bad; a few were terrifying. In New York City, Scott Meredith formerly known as Sidney Feldman , always willing to pursue almost any nefarious scheme, had a couple of interesting rackets going on within the Scott Meredith Literary Agency. He was furnishing much of the short-story material filling the sf magazines of the day. Scott Meredith was Big Business. He was also the single largest producer of pornography in the United States.

All the pornography manuscripts were mailed from there in plain black boxes. From those black boxes Meredith provided a string of publishers in New York City and elsewhere with porno hacked out by those pulp writers. Among them were several well-known writers, including Harlan Ellison, Robert Silverberg, and Evan Hunter, as well as people who had made their reputation in other genres Donald E. Westlake, Lawrence Block, Hal Dresner. Some others eventually grew out of the confines of black-box pornography and made star-quality names for themselves in other directions.

But then the bottom fell out of the periodical world. By the end of the s, American News Company had disappeared. ANC had furnished newsstands and bookstalls nationwide with the publications customers loved to find waiting for them, week after week, month after month. When it closed, most major magazine and periodical publishers were stranded. A few entrepreneurs began structuring regional companies, attempting to recapture the business that ANC had lost; some of them were also publishers.

Notable among these were two science-fiction people who moved into prominence, the first being Milton Luros, who went into business in Los Angeles. The inexpensive magazines, pulps, digests, etc. Initially, the bulk of those manuscripts were written by sf writers. It was easy to show them how to turn a roaring spaceship into hot, hard, throbbing manly maleness destined for orgasmic ecstasy—and, not to be forgotten—changing those brass-bra-Bergey sultry sluts from outer space into the ordinary nymphos you see every day. Sf writers were, if nothing else, adaptable where writing-for-food was concerned—they were thoroughly pulp whores.

The black-box machine rolled merrily along, erecting one satisfied member after another. Some even ventured into outer space. Harlan Ellison was his first editor-in-chief, followed by Ajay Budrys, Bruce Elliott, and most-worthy me I had come aboard early in as the company expanded. This was my first encounter with law enforcement and their very, very illegal ways of doing whatever it was they were doing.

The company was located in the rear suite of the second floor of the Graphics Arts Building on the corner of Sherman and Dempster in the Chicago suburb of Evanston. Golf Digest was upstairs on the third floor. I was really into that. I was serious, constructive, and working my ass off, and turning into little Mr. Science Fiction all at the same time.

I was shaking my fannish tailfeathers double-time. It took years of concentrated action by a large group of Chicago fans. They were willing to work long, thankless hours so that I could realize my fantasy. It took ten years. Before that, by , those soft-core porn novels, originating at numerous locations, were blanketing the whole country, and selling out at the newsstands at an ever-increasing pace. The demand from the eager public was almost impossible to satisfy. Politicians, law-enforcement types, and other reprehensible lowlifes began lining up to get to those publishers.

: Welcome to the oldest & largest comic book store in central North Carolina!

Not one of us could ever figure out what we were doing wrong. Those books, at that time, were unbelievably inoffensive. Yet every law-enforcement agency in the nation began to ride the publishers hard and fast. It got to the point where it was difficult just getting through a day at the office for all the employees. There were wiretaps on each of our phone lines. We had the bugs swept for and removed, but the same night they would be replaced by the same subcontractors we had hired to remove them; they were being paid again by the cops for that service.

We were followed everywhere, especially if we left the US, by teams of Feds. It was like a vacation for them and an amusing sideline for us. In my best fantasy materialized. It was an incredible time filled with nonstop activity. Ted Sturgeon was guest of honor and delivered a remarkable speech at the convention awards banquet.

Hugh Hefner held a lavish, by-invitation-only party at his original bunny hutch. Playboy had a suite at the convention and hosted nonstop parties for big-name pros. In , Hamling closed his publishing offices in Evanston and reopened them in San Diego. I went along as vice president and editorial director. In short order we were publishing fifty novels a month and more than one naked-people magazine a day. Moving to California was a radical event in my life. I was not prepared for how it would change me.

Almost everything was different. For the very first time I felt that a me long hidden was beginning to surface. My life began. Our readers loved us. In response to the absence of science fiction magazines brought on because of the demise of American News Company, I published Who Killed Science Fiction? Kirk, although he had his share of alien lovers. Enterprise had some sexy moments with the shapely female Vulcan and one of the human officers, but could that compare to the many loves of Mr. The Star Trek film, number eleven in the franchise, reflected these elements of the old Star Trek : in one scene, we see a young James Kirk, cadet, in bed with a green woman in her bra and panties; and there has been some secret love going on between a young Spock, an academy teacher, and Coreman Uhura.

None of this will ever equal the amount of space hormones in the original series. Captain James T. He romances every human, alien, or android female with whom he crosses paths, falling in love and, in three cases, having his heart broken and soul shattered by the death of that love.

He has also had women from his past come home to roost—Dr. He would not know what to do if a woman said no. Kirk is paired off with a barely-clothed silver-haired woman with ample breasts and long legs; her role is fight trainer and bed companion. He makes her fall in love with him as they spend time together in their shared cage, so that she will rebel against the gamesmasters. This disobedience almost kills her. He compliments her with a soothing voice and tells her how beautiful she is. She absorbs this attention because she is lonely. We later learn Miri is actually years old, so Kirk is romancing an older woman, not a girl.

Legs, love, and lust in the Star Trek universe are liberated. She wears the obligatory mini-dress uniform and has long blonde hair bundled up in a s-style beehive. At first Kirk is uncomfortable with having a female yeoman assigned to him—she brings him his lunch and dinner, pays attention to his diet, and waits on his every need. Rand goes on away missions and is a strong presence in the first half of season one, but later fades into the shadows, appearing sporadically with few lines of dialogue.

There does seem to be a relationship developing between them, perhaps never consummated or discussed. His pursuit of female subordinates is plagued by unequal power; for if a female crew member does not find him attractive, it is unlikely that she is going to brush her Captain off. Kirk is not the only senior officer practicing biology. So deep is his jealousy that Scotty nearly gets himself killed, despite knowing very well that he is no match for an all-powerful deity.

McCoy has a budding relationship with Ensign Tonia Barrows. McCoy has contracted an incurable disease and only has a year to live. Spock, suppressing all emotions of his human half, has the most complicated love life of all. Nurse Chapel has an impassioned crush on Spock but can never verbalize her desire. Spock is aware of her feelings yet never discourages her, sometimes giving her mixed signals. The spores alter his physiology, causing his human side to emerge.

We witness a carefree, playful Spock in love. He is seduced by a woman, Zarabeth; all Spock wants to do is have sex and eat animal flesh Vulcans in his own era are vegetarians. The women in Star Trek are fiercely independent yet dress provocatively. Their roles were widely varied: some were high-ranking officers, doctors, world leaders, formidable antagonists, and assassins; others were slaves, seductresses, and catalysts of destruction.

The uniforms worn by women serving on board the Enterprise are basically mini-dresses that barely cover the hips, sometimes revealing panty shots and always a good deal of nylon-covered leg.

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In the more sedate later spin-offs, women and men wear the same single-piece red or blue attire. Other women—human and alien alike—wear sheer, light, revealing outfits, exposing skin pink, brown, or green including midriff and cleavage. The executives and producers knew the sf demographic well: young men with active hormones and an appreciation of the female form. This is the same reason that many sf novels and magazines often featured women in sexy outfits on their covers even when the image had nothing to do with the plot. In the original series, women were respected and well represented.

Yet some critics disagree. She is ashamed of her legs, and admits that on the Enterprise, she tried to make him look at her legs. Goodwin suggests that Rand only wants Kirk to see her as a woman, not as an equal or an officer, and that the insecurities between the sexes have not changed much in the future. Spock as he meditates in his quarters or a poem written by Uhura. Sulu and Mr. Shaved Ice by kurushi reviews Cocoon and war loom over Oerba's horizon. It is summer, it is near the end of the school year, and Vanille knows she isn't ready for her life to change.

AsuRei friendshippings within. Lightning in the Farron household, but will Christmas be ruined when the pranks get out of hand? Happier days by Kitchen Sink Burrito reviews When her thoughts take over, she thinks about the past. Before this whole mess started. She thinks of the happier days they had together in their youth. Transgression by Juwpiter reviews It's said everything happens for a reason. For these three, fate wasn't the one pulling their strings. A Life Unending by Unnamed. Tsiolkovsky, Tasha Yar must face how she feels for her android crewmate and friend.

Yar, Data - Complete. Hot Springs Anyone? Can Ami get it out of Makoto before she goes crazy? Find out. Always Near by xHuolon reviews Young Vanille loses something extremely important to her, and when she ask for help Fang declines. Angry, Vanille storms out of their home, but not before shouting words that nearly break the older pulsian. Vanille want's to confess her love to Fang! Can she? Hope tries to comfort her when she can. But this doesn't stop Vanille's thoughts. His Angels by ladyashethealchemist reviews It is said that when one person dies, another is born right then to take their place.

Thus is the way of the world. But when the person lost is your closest friend, your lover, your wife, could even your child take their place in the world? The Salikawood by Masaki-Hanabusa reviews Penelo takes a moment to relax in the mysterious beauty of the Salikawood. This takes place before the game. Ten ponies in the bed by Storycreates reviews Based on that classical children's song "Ten in the bed". Crossover - Misc. The Best by Masked Doll Victoria reviews Distraught after the latest angel attack and her own performance, Asuka takes out her frustration on her fellow Eva pilot and discovers a new side of herself in the process.

Handing her bird to her partner, she goes over to find out what's wrong. The group finds out that Penelo is affraid of choccabos so Fran decides to step in and do something to help the young girl. But what happens when one of the judges, a handsome young rock star, takes unusual interest in Selena and her team? Warning by upsidedownbutterfly reviews Just prior to the mutiny, Tyrol receives a warning.

Possession is Nine Tenths of the Law by eirenical reviews And as Kim danced in time with the music, her voice husking out the words to "Please, Mr. Jailer," Trini suddenly became acutely aware of something she'd known all along but had ignored until now Her friend was beautiful. What came of that split-second action was far, far more significant. Because, as they say, big doors swing on little hinges. And, by the mere fact of her survival, Tasha Yar was going to change the course of history. Yar] - Complete. Prophecy Fulfilled by WriteroftheRevolution reviews Kana, the middle daughter of Chief Neytiri and Jakesully feels that her life is an empty shell between her two powerful sisters, but when she finds a foreign Na'vi male in the jungles of Pandora her fate becomes the fate of an entire world.

If you would like, feel free to tell me what you think. Advice is always welcome! Penelo dances to the music she and Fran make. Fang and Vanille are in love with each other but neither can find the words to admit it. But always they return. The reason by yellow 14 reviews Monica reflects on her choice of husband as she lies in bed with him. A year and more of Ginny and Hermione's trials at Hogwarts in the search for good grades, quidditch wins, and perhaps a bit of one another. Return by ratpigeon reviews It has been many years since the Anima disappeared, but things that were once lost have a habit of returning.

Set about 15 years after the end of 'Anima'. Striped Knickers and a Taste of Revenge by winteredspark reviews Now what do we get when we come across a pair of Ginny's striped knickers dangling off a pole? A confrontation, sweet revenge and pudding, of course. Chasing Dragons by Jedi Goat reviews Five-year old Fred and George think a dragon is attacking their house during a thunderstorm.

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But when they need an older brother most, Percy's the only one around No ships, lots of cuteness. Tesla 9 by Son of Whitebeard reviews The Doctor arrives on Tesla 9 a mobile retirement home in space. Then he finds his old companion Ace but she tells him of the disappearences on the ship, the culprits the Doctor suspects are the Cybermen but they seek something on the ship? Their weaknesses, their strengths, their adventures, their loves: their lives.

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Uncertain Paths by Unknown Soldier Shadow reviews Rosalie Brown is a thirteen-year old girl who doesn't want to grow up. Disney Adventure: The new savior by MysticGohan88 reviews A boy, whose has the same magicial properties that Walt Disney himself had; is approached by Mickey to save the other disney worlds from the villians!

Young Simba and Robin hood join him, as he goes to both save the worlds, and find his courage. A Thousand Miles by snappleducated reviews In which Larsa Solidor conducts himself with great dignity and poise. Target Practise by xGuardianxAngelx reviews Penelo is sick of her old weapon, so Fran offers her to teach her how to use a bow and arrow. Finding solace by aeval reviews C. J deals with the fact the leak was caused by Toby, by turning to a friend. An Age of Valour by The Lady of the Mists reviews Lydia Talon, deprived of a mother and raised by her Pokemon hating father, finds an injured Pokemon in her dead mother's garden and must find the courage to go foward.

And in so doing, she finds friends and adventure beyond her wildest dreams. Everything after results in countless detentions, Muggle fighting, and stolen kisses. Albus Potter and the Hall of Prophecy by JP reviews Al's third year brings the start of his field trips to Hogsmeade, and he can now take two classes of his choice called electives. However, more is in store for he and his friends, Rose and Scorpius. Find out what twists and turns await them this year Raiyna's Returning by Rykallow reviews I noticed that there was only one Acorna story, so I've decided to change that.

Raiyna, orphaned days after birth by the Khleevi, is in a strange place. The people can all hear her thought speech. Will she ever get to find her home and people? Wrote at in the morning. Short drabble.

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But little does he know, dark magic has returned to Hogwarts once more Snickers by DeletedScenesFanfic reviews Deadpool sees something he's never seen before Worth a Thousand Words by callmeonetrack reviews Kara and the Chief have a little heart to heart the night before the Decommissioning. Warning for Femslash, mild language, and a bit of spoilery- But not much. The Guardian fears Ecco won't be able to protect Earth if the Foe attacks again.

It uses the stars to mark dolphins across time. Chapter 2- Return to the Shrine. All Is Well by sunshinexxohh reviews A new mystery unfolds as the next generation of Potters and Weasleys attend Hogwarts. A tragedy involving a certain red head deepens the mystery. Can Harry and the old gang fix it before it's too late? Better than it sounds, trust me. Raindrops by Dance Macabre reviews A precious moment of comfort in a world of anguish and cruelty. Please read and review! The Dance by Baka Gaijin30 reviews Shoujo-ai.

A bit of Ami and Makoto fluff. Cute by T'Vau reviews Seven observes the occupant of her bed. Five Things Jubilee Saw by insertsnarkhere reviews Five things Jubilee saw at the mansion but never told anyone. Innocent Conversation by Naeryn reviews Makoto has invited Ami over for dinner. Is this the time for Ami to make her confession? Idealist by cerebel reviews Gaeta, he was an idealist, and somewhere inside he still desperately wants to be one. GaetaTyrol, postep for Collaborators. Dining on Ashes by PadawanMage reviews This is an extension to the last scene in 'Collaborators' where Tyrol sits with Gaeta, who's sitting by himself, in the mess hall.

Rei's Awakening by 94saturn reviews Asuka teaches Rei a new trick. OOC and mild lime. Hot Rain by gunman reviews When Hikari is stood up on a date, Shinji comes, as if by fate, and gives her the reassurances that she so desperately needs. Warning, Lemon content. Chapter 5 uploaded. Unrequited by ssgurl reviews Hermione wants Ginny but And what she finds is the last thing she expected to.. Talitha Cumi by cafe4deux reviews Psychical revelations in the aftermath of 3rd Impact indulge a new dynamic between Asuka and Rei.

Re-posted for your enjoyment. Sorry by paranoidkitten reviews Hermione apologises to Ginny. Fate had other plans Captain's Night Out by Universal-Treker reviews All five Captains get together to go out for a drink, but once opinions are voiced, things get a little out of control. PG13 for some language. Rebirth by Melfina Lupin reviews Asuka wants to be her own person. She wants to be reborn. My take on what would happen if she were to return to their lives now.

Misunderstood Affection by Carmen1 reviews Ami asks Makoto to come into her room to discuss something, but what was it the Ami needed to discuss Makoto about that it had to be in the confides of her room? Jubilee VS. Please review. Sweet Surprises by TattooFairy reviews Jubilee gets more than she asked for Renaissence After picking up strange radio signals from near Zaofu, Team Avatar discovers a portal that leads to a futuristic world that is very different from their own It is these scars from their past that will bring them together.

Inferno Rising There is growing unrest in the galaxy, from the planets of the Galactic Republic to the star systems of the Empire that threatens the stability of the Core Worlds. Unless it can be stopped, everything that they have worked for will be reduced to ashes Broken Seal reviews When a mysterious figure breaks the seal on the Clow Book and steals one of the Cards, ancient and dangerous powers are unleashed on Reedington.

Cardcaptors AU. The first planet on their route is Ocampa, a world with a rigid caste system. However, when Kes, a young Ocampan woman, requests asylum, Captain Janeway faces a difficult decision Part of my ongoing Star Trek AU. However, Harry suspects that the werewolf was not in control of his actions and will need the help of his friends to find him before he kills again. Yokai Parade reviews A little light Halloween fic.

Jason is in Tokyo when he sees a Halloween parade that may be more than it seems There might be a follow-up, if the mood takes me. Summer Heat reviews A little Drabble inspired by Xairathan's works and hot summer days. I hope you enjoy it. Ryoushi reviews Predator crashlands in Japan and encounters a Karate Master Of Leaf and Stone reviews Legolas and Tauriel are ordered to travel to Laketown to discover who is responsible for stealing Spiders eggs from Mirkwood.

When Tauriel is abducted, Legolas finds help from an unlikely source First Aid: Scars reviews Rung needs to debrief First Aid after he is four days late from a supply run. However, getting him to open up is harder than he expected Star Trek: Carussa reviews After detecting a warp signature from a system with two pre-warp civilisations, Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise are drawn into an unexpected diplomatic mission. However, Asuka has other plans and she wants Rei to come with her Where no one has gone before Voyager is ordered on a three month exploration of the Delta Quadrant.

Part of my Star Trek AU. The Knight and the Sellsword reviews After the war with Harmonia, Chris is ordered to take some leave. She never expected that she would find love and not with another girl Most Wanted reviews When Harry wakes up in an alley next to a dead body, he finds himself on the run from the Aurors. Now, he needs to prove his innocence. First part of my new AU.

Unseen Eve In the aftermath of Kuvira's rebellion, Korra plans an expedition to help heal the damage that has been done. Setting out from Republic City, they head for a small island where the villagers are holding an unusual festival. Part of my Halloween season. Behind the mask reviews Asuka invites Rei to a Halloween party. Not today reviews Arya is stabbed by the Sons of the Harpie while visiting the market in Meereen and she is rescued by someone she never expected to meet Gloria is on vacation at Miami Beach.

As soon as they arrive, they are thrown into a rescue mission with their lives, as well as those of fellow Troopers, on the line. Part of my Star Wars AU continuity. Babysitting reviews Laura is babysitting Valeria and Franklin. Afterwards, Sue invites her to stay for the weekend No fun in the sun reviews Class 2A has gone for a weekend trip to the beach. However, Rei is not enjoying herself If they fail, the rebel cell operating on Riflor will be wiped out The last things she expected was to spend the evening with Princess Celestia. Fugitive Green Lantern comes to Korra's world hunting a murderer Lara invites Sara and Aspen over for the weekend.

However, before they can start their vacation, she asks them to help her recover an ancient artefact Not everybody likes Mandos Hera and Sabine are drinking in a cantina. However, not everyone wants them there Kior Dilemma USS Constellation is ordered on a diplomatic mission to Kior, a new Federation member world with a strong military culture. However, all is not as peaceful as it seems First of my Star Trek AUs.

A weekend at an Onsen reviews Rei and Asuka are spending their first weekend away together Random Death Spoiler and Black Bat team up to protect Downtown Gotham, discovering that a new drug on the streets is killing people Tokyo Red reviews Jason has left the International Peace Conference and has open a Dojo in Tokyo, looking for some peace and a new direction in his life. His life is turned upside down when he finds a dead body that has been killed by something that is not human X Predatory instinct Laura tracks a mutant predator and is forced to kill him Ahsoka: Rebellion Ahsoka has left the Order and finds herself on a path that will lead her to the Rebellion.

Rogue One Rendezvous Wedge is ordered to assist an Alliance agent when his cover is blown Slight AU Needs must When Tails is nearly killed by a demon, he and Mighty must work together to track it down Just ask her out Tasha is in love, but she cannot admit it Why can't you say you love me? Starbuck loves Kat, but she can't bring herself to say it From the Shadows After spending an evening in the Three Broomsticks, Hermione and Ginny witness something dangerous that points at a new threat inside Hogwarts However, they have more in common than either of them will admit.

Under the stars reviews Asuka invites Rei to a Halloween party. Evangelion: Ghost in the Machine reviews Do ghosts really exist? Shinji, Asuka and Rei are about to find out. Uprising reviews Merida is on the run and seeks safety in Arendelle, after there is a rebellion in Dun Broch. Final Fantasy:Infinitia reviews Lightning goes for a quiet drink and encounters a man who is more than he seems.

From the East reviews Po washes up on the shores of Dragon's Edge following a storm and is saved by Hiccup and Toothless. Final Fantasy Renaiisance: Abductions reviews Lightning's new life is disrupted when she witnesses a woman being abducted. Die by the sword Arya and Syrio are in Pentos, when they are approached by guards loyal to a powerful Lord who wants Syrio to work for him. However, Syrio is his own man Dust-off While research Tauros on the Dusty Flats, Gary witnesses Rustlers coming to steal them and only he can stop them Sakura: In the Shadows reviews Kakashi sends Sakura on a solo mission to a town controlled by a corrupt Lord.

Tokyo Hunt X is hunting an alien scent in the abandoned tunnels below Tokyo Routine Patrol Jazz and Prowl are on patrol in the lower levels of Iacon when they come under attack. Beach Party Jason is in Australia, brooding over the things he has lost Shanghai Night X has come to Shanghai, but she cannot outrun her past. Things have not worked out like they planned Dragon Night reviews Sakura and Li must stop a Dragon that is terrorising the city.

From beyond the stars reviews Ecco senses something strange and encounters something unexpected Old Times Jason is travelling the world after leaving the Peace Summit. He has arrived in Shanghai and is brooding over the loss of his powers Ill at ease reviews Laura catches 'flu from an alien critter and she finds that resting is not easy for her. On their first mission, Janeway finds an injured Ocampan female. When a stranger arrives and offers the power to regain his strength, he takes it without question.

Painful memories Tasha takes part in a tactical holodeck simulation that brings back painful memories of Turkana IV. Rogue Squadron: Ashes Rogue Squadron is almost destroyed and the survivors must come to terms with what has happened. A new start Spoiler is given responsibility for protecting Downtown Gotham by Batman. Despite the mistakes she has made in the past, she is determined to justify his faith in her. Spoiler: Trust Despite her past mistakes, Spoiler is given responsibility for protecting part of Gotham by Batman Not bad for a flyboy On a stop over at Terminus Station, Wedge meets Cinche, a civilian engineer with an attitude when the station comes under attack by pirates.

Star Wars: Choices When four Padawans discover that Darksider is on a killing spree, they disobey their Masters to stop him. Old enemies, unlikely allies reviews Au story showing Legolas and Gimli's first meeting in the dungeons of the Necromancer. Thrown for a Loop reviews When Spitfire leads the Junior Flyer Club to watch the Canterlot Festival of Lights, she comes up against her difficulty with teaching children.

To make matters worse, Loop de Loop has started to idolise her. When she upsets her, she must find a way to make it right. Trust issues reviews When First Aid treats an Autobot Bomb Disposal Expert who has lost both of his arms, he suspects that he may be hiding a darker secret. Ghost ship reviews When Galactica finds a derelict freighter drifting in deep space, rumours start flying around about the "ghost ship". My second Halloween story. The first of my two Halloween stories. Carter's vacation reviews Following the defeat of Queen Bansheera, the Rangers have earned some time off.

However, Carter is finding it difficult to relax Vanille feels sympathy with him and wants to try and prevent him from making the same mistakes she did, over Fang's objections. Zombicide: Day One One day, everything changed when the Zombies arrived and many were killed. These are the stories of those managed to survive that nightmarish day. Crossroads reviews While the Enterprise is on a diplomatic mission to Omia Prime, Chekov is offered a chance to remain with them. He must choose between his duty to the Enterprise and a chance for this new opportunity Sulu, P.

Chekov - Complete. However, when Master Kenobi is captured by mercenaries, she needs their help to rescue him. However, there is a new war brewing and the crew of Galactica will be on the frontline. His travels have taken him to Japan where he meets a Sensei who gives him what he's looking for. Heart, body and mind Clow Reed's first creation has escaped from it's prison and is looking for revenge. When it takes his Mother, Li must face him to get her back. Penelo's problems reviews Penelo and Vaan are childhood friends, but Penelo has always worried about him. Now, however, she thinks that he has got in over his head.

She receives advice from an unexpected source. Korra: Sickness With Tenzin's life hanging in the balance, Korra risks everything to save him. When the Cylons ask for an Armistice, there is a chance to put the past behind them, a chance to end the war. However, forces from both sides are reluctant to forget the bloodshed that has gone before.

Is there any chance for peace? Legend of Korra: Book 1 - Revolution Amon may be dead, but his legacy lives on. When Korra finds the body of a dead firebender, she uncovers a growing rebellion that may destroy Republic City. Captain Planet: Our World reviews The Planeteers are in Australia and they come face to face with the ecological disaster facing the countries oceans, which starts to divide the team. Can Kwame bring them back together? When ghost stories come to life, they encounter more than they expected. Frozen It's not easy being a princess reviews A Festival is being held in Arendelle and Anna is looking forward to spending some quality time with Elsa.

However, Elsa's duties get in her way and she becomes angry, blaming her. Can she find a way to rescue their relationship. Hack Black Rose Returns reviews Two months after the events of. However, the ghosts of the past are hard to leave behind. On the run from the Sanctum, the government of the artificial world of Cocoon, they must discover their Focus.

If they succeed, they will be rewarded with eternal life in a crystal sleep. If they fail, they will become mindless. While on patrol, Jazz and Prowl observe the Decepticon Jets making scouting runs into Autobot territory and must return to warn Optimus. Outnumbered, they must make a last stand against the Jets and Starscream. Jak butts heads with Lieutenant Varo, the leader of the Commandos.

However, Commander Darius has another agenda that will change the Federation forever. New Cybertron 1: Jazz reviews Cybertron is reborn and a new age dawns for the Transformers. Jazz leads a force of Cybertronian Special Forces to locate a Decepticon missile that has the power to destroy Cybertron. Final Fantasy XIII After The Fall Fang and Vanille are revived from crystal by the Academy, only to find that the world they knew has changed forever and a new war is brewing against Luxerion, with a deadly enemy working to destroy the Academy from within.

Vanille, O. Final Fantasy: After the Fall reviews Vanille is troubled by regrets of her actions as a l'Cie and Fang is determined to help her. After Gary angers Anna, can he put aside his arrogance and apologise? Different Paths SG-1 and Boukenger cross paths on an alien planet. A Queen's Judgement Attending the execution of a convicted murderer, a Queen must decide whether to grant him mercy.

Deadly Decision A Captain of the Japanese Galactic Self Defence Force responds to a distress call of a disease outbreak on a space station and must make a terrible decision. A Wayfarer from Zin'ao City accepts a contract from a mysterious woman, leading him into a web of danger and mystery. Troubled Mind reviews Batgirl is worried about Spoiler and struggles to find a way to help her.

Child of oerba reviews Having been revived from their crystal prison, Vanille and Fang now travel across Pulse, seeking for the reason behind their resurrection. The survivors seek out a human, Jake Scott, who they believe may be able to help them. However, without Megan, can they survive the Dragonstorm? On the run, can they escape from the evil power that pursues them? Teamwork reviews Vicki has always encouraged her students to work together, with each other and their Ponies. Through these friendships, they will learn and grow. Harry Potter To The Victor, Despair reviews After the defeat of Voldemort, Harry falls into despair over the cost of his victory and sees no future for himself.

Can Ginny break the dark spell on Harry's heart? Clashing with Sandra, a Pokemon Ranger who thinks of him as an egotistical show-off, they must work together when wild Pokemon start attacking Trainers around Viridian City. Arisia is sent to Ceyrian to deal with a coup, still coming to terms with the aftermath of the war. Acacion 2. Airforce AkatsukiDaybreak 6. ALC Punk Andromeda 6.

Anomalised 0. AppleDashShipping 5. Arlia Ashton Awesome Bill From Dawsonville 2. Baka Gaijin30 Bhare BlindSeer0 6. BlueInfernoX BlueNight 3. BoiMayhem 5. Bonami27 5. BubblegumStories 5. Caitrin CamelotKnight 5. Carmen1 Cerys Aldaine 1. Charmed Lassie CheerUpSleepyJean ChibiDawn23 Cissmoll ClockworkScales 0. Cocoon02 Contorted 4. CoolAmi69 CrueFan21 Cuofeng 8. CupCakeyyy Dagas Isa Dance Macabre Dannrose DarkPheonix DawnMarch 3. DeyoChan Dragons4ever EMH 1.

EmpressSaix EstellaDoreaBlack Etain Darman 1. EverDreamer 7. Every Shade of Blue FishSlayer FlyingBookworm 1. Foegerfeax Furiouswind FurrySaint GHRDR 6. GraphicArtist13 Gyro34 1. Halogazer Hanzo of the Salamander 2. Happy Doodle Hastseoltoi Herena Mizuno 2. Gold 0. Jarakrisafis Jedi Goat JK Pratchett 2. JP 3.

Juwpiter Kain KatLeePT Kelsey Kitchen Sink Burrito 1. Korrasami Trouble Kraken's Ghost Kurrent Lady Aurora Nocturne LadyUnspecified 0. Laura Schiller LauraCynthia LauraLarua 5. Laurenio Leiamoody of Ysonesse LiveOutLoud 2. Lothlorienx Lullasong 4. MACRA Managed Mischief 1. Mara Greengrass Mariposa Prime MarkedByKayn 3. Masaki-Hanabusa Masked Doll Victoria Maximillian Havisham Maymist Melfina Lupin Mereel Skirata MetalWarrior22 Midnite Solstice MilesAboveFantasy Moizi 2. MoonlightStories 1. MorgothII Morphy Wols 2.

MufasaToSoar 9. Naeryn 9.

Nicor Warg-Fyrweorm Orac 1. STFan 0. PadawanMage Panty Poison 4. Pedz PinkRaichu 7. Poicephalus 4. PoppyPounder 7. Quartz Quasar 8. Quicksilver Ink Racingwolf 5. Random RankoSaotome Rasiaa Raziel12 Raziel 0. RedMageXII 7. Reithel Rivergift Royal Karma 1. Ruby Sunrise Ruka-Roxy83 Ryder10 1. SabaceanBabe SamGreg 9. SarahRapunzel 3. Sauron Gorthaur ScalePhoenix Scott Summers Secret Ninja Plushie 9. Setsumiya-kami Shadowdancer96 4. ShadowRebirth37 Shizuku Tsukishima Silver Wolf16 7. SimplySummer 8. Skydrifter 1. SniperCT SomecallmeMichelle Son of Whitebeard Soulwithinabody 0.

StormLover Storycreates 4. Summerslightning 3. SunnyRea Supreme Distraction T'Vau Tara Maeve 2. TattooFairy Tharpdevenport The Bookshop 0. The Drifter