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She refers to the violence as a "hyperbolization of horror," likening it to a kind of neo-baroque grammar in which body parts are used to write the urban and rural landscape. Bush, as did his ensuing strategies to remain in office. However, in the absence of an all-out "war on terror," he further aligned his administration with that of his NAFTA associate through his very own war of choice, taking on the drug cartels. The objective was to craft a Mexican version of the American security state; but the Mexican experiment featured critical differences.

Luna takes on the aforementioned baroque complexity with an antidotal disarming simplicity, setting out to restore the broken bonds by putting us in meaningful relationship both with each other and the violence itself. This has also been the case with the State's apparent complicity in the killings that have plagued Ciudad Juarez, a sort of experimental lab for what was to come for Mexico as a whole.

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As the performance progresses, Luna puts on a white dress. In a gesture that embodies not only a country torn by self inflicted violence, but also the torn sense of self of the populace, she washes her hands and arms with white paint—it is both a Pontius Pilate moment and a kind of midwife's ritual, cleansing as she is about to cradle the images of the dead. The common folk represented by the black and white identification photographs, which have become iconic of the disappeared, are then covered in the blood, green paint and soil kept inside the white bottles, which bear the seal of the Mexican state.

The effect of the blood streaming over her hair covered with photographs is stunning: it transforms the setting from a scene of crimes past into a site of crimes present. As Luna rises and wrings her hair with the white dress, the photographs fall on the ground. The dress follows.

This is a single person, and yet the Motherland itself is bleeding. Please enable JavaScript before proceeding:.

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The place is glorious Crdoba, capital of Moorish Al Andaluz where plots involve a coalition to arrest the despotism of El Mansur who is systematically despoiling their tolerant and cultured society to gain power and wealth. The coalition - self-named the Seers - includes a Caliphs wife, a Muslim merchant, the palace Chief Cook, a Jewish physician-diplomat, the Mother Superior of a Christian convent, a Moorish General, a Court poet and young woman slave.

Seers machinations include assassinations, sabotage, spying and - naturally - love. It could have happened, since some characters were historical.

The following ISBNs are associated with this title:. Most expressed that, while 10 mg may be the right policy for the adult use market, which is more likely to have novice cannabis users, it is insufficient for the needs of the medicinal use… SB 94 imposed a restriction that all edible cannabis products be sold with a serving size of no more than 10 mg THC.

CDPH has no authority to allow greater THC concentrations per serving in edible products, either for the medicinal or adult use market.

Javier Latorre

Unfortunately, barring substantial changes to the regulations, those days are over. The total potency of an entire package or item was regularly upwards of 1, mg of THC — much stronger than the average edible at the time and unspeakably strong compared to the current adult use limit. That high amount of THC was by design, because when Mondo first started making edibles it was precisely because he needed massive doses of cannabinoids. I quickly learned that in order to get the intense relief cannabis provides me, I needed to make something with thousands of milligrams in strength and that eventually led to the butter I use now.

Try out for two weeks.

Think people like Maureen Dowd, who infamously ignored the clear advice given to her and ate an entire dose chocolate bar, then freaked out in her hotel room and wrote an article fanning the flames of prohibitionist hysteria and calling for potency caps. Never mind that this is the equivalent of visiting a liquor distillery, gulping down a fifth and writing an article demanding smaller bottle sizes because you spent the night in your hotel room vomiting — her voice is the voice of the current edible regulations.

The fact of the matter is cannabis has zero recorded instances of a lethal overdose attributed to it throughout millennia of human use. That means removing these onerous caps on edible potency — at least for medical users. This is disastrous for people who live with severe pain.

Paco Peña | Requiem for the Earth | Press

Our lives have already been made stressful and dangerous because of the opiate hysteria. Even after that, I have to worry that my doctor will be harassed out of business by the government. He had been audited MANY times, proving that everything is done exactly as it should be. After all of that, we have to jump through so many hoops that I often get my prescriptions up to a week late.

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I feel like my right to live is being trampled over. My family is deeply concerned that all of this nonsense is going to kill me.

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I understand that people have had problems with these medications.