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HINDEMITH, P.: Marienleben (Das) (revised version, ) (Isokoski, Viitasalo) Classical Ondine

Recording Location Sendesaal Bremen, Germany. Track Listing.

Paul Hindemith. Argwohn Josephs 6.

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Geburt Christi 8. Von der Hochzeit zu Kana Vor der Passion Duration 1 hour 30 minutes Composer Time Period Comp. Songs ; For voice, piano ; For voices with keyboard ; Scores featuring the voice ; Scores featuring the soprano voice ; Scores featuring the piano ; German language ; For voice, orchestra arr ; For voices with orchestra ; Scores featuring the orchestra. Contents 1 Performances 1. Pub lisher. Mainz: B.

Classical album of the week: Hindemith: Das Marienleben review

That elusive and imaginative form, the free Fantasia? Or a motley medley, but tied by the tightest unseen strings. To hold the attention, or to get across the almost incessant internalised reflections and often almost medievally concealed implications of this shimmering musical sequence, does require major performers.

There is a gentleness in her diction, or manner of enunciation — praised specifically in Opera magazine at her performance of the ravaged Lucretia — that seems, at a glance, wholly apt for the young Mary.

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As with her wildly enthused-about Suzuki in Butterfly , we were touched. And she looked fabulous, in a kind of Tudor- or pre-Tudor -looking robe of crimson scarlet and gold.

Here, in these obliquely-shifting lines, was mystery, and symbolism, galore. But it was not, I fear, enough. On this showing alone, it would seem inconceivable Der-Shin Hwang has also proved a mischievous Despina though doubtless a scurrying one in Cosi ; or an acclaimed, swash-buckling Orlovsky in Fledermaus. Here, shyness ruled all.

Der mächtigste König im Luftrevier ⚓ [German submarine song][+ english translation]

True, we had the English not, sadly, the German text, but not always to useful advantage, the enunciation being elusive and pallid. Here, as the singer flailed like a touching sparrow more Butterfly than Suzuki , one felt it was a noble effort to not too much avail.