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Lea I hate going into a restaurant which doesn't label vegetarian food on the menu, then when you ask the staff if a meal is vegetarian, they say "it probably is". Do they think that we'll just risk it and eat a meal that could have an animal product in it!? Restaurants really need to sort themselves out and their staff! Nick And Jesus said unto them, Verily I say unto you, they who partake of benefits which are gotten by wronging one of God's creatures, cannot be righteous: nor can they touch holy things, or teach the mysteries of the kingdom, whose hands are stained With blood, or whose mouths are defiled with flesh.

Heart attack is the most common cause of death in the U. The amount of water used in production of the average cow is sufficient to float a destroyer a large naval ship. While 25 gallons of water are needed to produce a pound of wheat, 5, gallons are needed to produce a pound of California beef. That same 5, gallons of water can produce pounds of wheat.

Two-hundred and sixty million acres of U. Fifty-five square feet of tropical rainforest is consumed to produce every quarter-pound of rainforest beef. The slaughterhouse is the final stop for animals raised for their flesh. These ghastly places, while little known to most meat-eaters, process enormous numbers of animals each years.

In the U. A surprising quantity of meat is consumed by the meat-eater. The average percapita consumption of meat in the U. The average American consumes in a year lifetime approximately 11 cattle, 3 lambs and sheep, 23 hogs, 45 turkeys, 1, chickens and pounds of fish! Bon appetite! Mike Hahah I cannot believe someone on here tryed to associate meat with cancer! But what I do hate is that damn rap music! Kealey I'm sorry but the comment about quorn could only have come from a meat-eater!

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The 'point' as you put it of eating a 'meat substitute' is that for most of us the primary reason for not eating meat is that we don't want to eat something that once lived. And before you start, my husband is a meat eater and i have no problem with this. Why shouldn't i eat a mushroom derived protein V.

Heather When I was a veggie, I loved it, I was addicted to my diet and I was alot healthier back then, however, I gave into the pressure my family exerted on me to convert back to eating meat, to be honest I miss my veggie diet. I rarely eat meat unless around my family. But since eating meat again I have found my diet to cause serious risk to my health and I feel that it is unfair that I should be considered a freak for not eating meat.

Im pro-hunting and wear my big leather boots with pride! I just think that meat taste like crap. Karli i have only been a vegetarian for about 4 months now and i love it! Bev It really winds me up when people ask "Are you still veggie then? Each to their own, but i personnally could never go back Donna Ive been a veggie since I was 13 much to the consternation of my family. However I could not imagine ever eating meat again, and as meat eaters are unable to see the attraction with a veggie diet, I cannot see the attraction of a slab of dead flesh!

I also cannot live with the cruelty issues involved with the meat farming business such as pregnant cows being slaughtered and the calves left to die as a by-product, but hey if you can live with that, then that is fine. I really hate a few things, some of which have already been mentioned, for example the meat eaters who ask why and assume that all we eat is lettuce.

Im not a rabbit, I just leave out one part of what is usually considered normal to eat. I also hate the fact that people who own and run restaurants, etc are not more imaginative and think that a veggie lasgne must be the highlight of a veggie menu. Please please can we have the same choice as the meat eaters!! Unless of course you buy a veggie alternative. To all you meat eaters out there, just as veggies are all rabbits, maybe you are all cavemen?

Maybe something for you all to mull over and maybe make you think before you automatically assume we are all salad lovers? Also, to all of you who think that all veggies are thin pale and generally unwell, I am very most definately a plus size fat bird!! Oh and to all of you meat lovers, you can eat veggie food without shrivelling up and dying, my husband who is not veggie prefers many veggie dishes to their meat alternatives, so be adventurous and give the veggie option a try every now and then, you may enjoy it!!

Take the challenge. I dare you!! Leah I have three veggie friends and ALL of them don't respect the fact that I can't eat eggs or cheese due to high cholesterol. I respect their choice and cook veggie - why can't they respect my health!!! Fiona My husband doesn't have a problem with my being a vegetarian. According to him, his diet is vegetarian too. He only eats vegetarians!

Maz I don't eat meat because I don't like it and never did-I hate all the fatty bits. I have no problem eating in restaurants, although if you go out to a country pub there is rarely anything other than vegetable lasagne as an alternative. For those vegetarians who do it for moral reasons, how many of them wear leather though! Vince I'm a vegetarian for only one reason. If I didn't kill the animal, then I don't deserve it. When you kill an animal it is gone, when you pick a plant you bring newer life for that is grows once again from that same seed.

So if I want to end a life for me to eat, i would rather give the honor to the animal and have it done by me in an unsheltered area. Jules It's an individual choice. It's no one elses business what you eat, whether you are veggie or not. You're still human either way. Any comments I get about being veggie I just laugh off now. So people, stop trying to defend your choices because you shouldn't need to. Yeah whatever.

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People who end up like that are obviously not eating the right foods. The main thing meat provides you with is too much fat and a high cholesterol. A vegetarian diet is a very healthy one and I'm sick of people saying vegetarians are all malnourished pigmies. I'm over 6 foot tall, so I don't feel that my diet has ever stunted my growth! And as for people asking "if you don't eat meat, what on earth do you eat? I became a veggie when I was 10 I'm the only one in my family because I didn't enjoy the awful fatty school dinners or the customary burger and chips that I'd be given for tea by friends' parents.

It's one of the best decisions I've ever made because suddenly people made more effort to cook me nice, tasty, inventive meals, both at school and when I visited people. I've tried so many beautiful foods that I probably would never have tried before. When I met my partner he had lived on a diet of meat and two veg all his life, and now he eats a wide variety of things, including meat which I would never try to change because it's all about individual choice.

I dont understand the presumption that carnivores only want to eat meat all the time - Every meat eater I know likes a variety of cuisine. Unfortunately I do have a couple of narrow-minded friends who, when they found out I'm a veggie, launched into a tirade that started with "I hate vegetarians because they're always banging on about animal rights and trying to make people convert I've never met any such veggies personally, but for me what I eat is a personal choice because I don't enjoy meat.

It's such a shame that cliches still exist! Elvie I can't understand why anyone vegetarian would use something like quorn which is basically a 'meat' substitute. Defeating the object really.

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I hardly ever eat meat myself, you know. Paul We all hate fussy eaters - vegetarians are probably the worst of them Lauren Ive been a vegetarian for over a year now. Also there is the whole environmental issues, raising meat takes huge areas and resources, fields of crops are grown just to feed animals. If you are a vegetarian or vegan your ecological footprint The amount of space or the environment necessary to produce the goods and services necessary to support a particular lifestyle is much less than that of a meat eater and this is another reason why i choose to go veggie.

Im not an animal rights actavist and i dont preach to my friends. The thing that really annoys me is when i first tell people that i am vegetarian they always ask why? Do we ask meat eaters why they eat meat! Rob People have been eating meat since the dawn of mankind itself.

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If being a vegan is the "right" diet choice, why the need to supplement with such things as fortified soy products? A well rounded diet, including meat, needs no supplementing. One comment made here is that humans don't have the teeth for eating meat. This is simply untrue. Our teeth ARE made for eating meat, and always have been. But as we discovered fire several thousand years ago, and began cooking our meat, the need for huge incisors was diminished. We evolved. Now we may one day evolve to the extent that we don't even need teeth to chew our food. Just look at the level of heavily processed foods being consumed.

Society will always being changing. Madeleine It isn't natural to eat meat. Our teeth aren't designed to bite through flesh like a lion can, for instance. There have been lots of links made between eating meat and cancer. Cancer rates are sky high and it correlates with the increase of farming. It's bad for the environment and bad for your health.

There is also no such thing as cruelty-free meat. All animals, even free range, have a short life and are treated badly. The dairy and egg industries are just as bad. Animals are killed for this, so vegetarians actually support the meat industry unless they are vegan. If I see that immortal phrase 'vegetarian options available' once more!!

What, they think we don't care what we eat?!! Cindy I have to agree with alot of ppl here I hate it when ppl critizize me over being veggie but then I "used to eat meat" or I "wear leather sometimes I just don't wanna contribute to eating animals Im not a veggie but do prefer all lot of veggie options when dining out. Emily I've bin a veggie for 6 years and get reli annoyed with all the crap ppl give u wen they first discover u r a veggie!

For instance, all the 'leather shoes' crap and 'but u can't b a veggie cos u eat fish! Liz iv been a veggie for 10years and i dont eat quorn either but i have a wide range of foods in my diet and am just as healthy as 'meat eaters' if not healthier. People are entitled to there own opinions and beliefes its just ashame its mainly vegetarians who think this. I agree with all the things you said and have experienced everyone of them. Helen It amuses me when people meat-eaters discover I'm veggie and immediately say "Yeah, I don't actually eat that much meat myself.. Obviously a sign of a guilty conscience What is the big deal, its just food!

Robert I like vegetarian food as long as it isn't a bad imitation of meat dishes using such muck as tofu or other tasteless stuff. Especially since there are many alternatives like nuts, mushrooms, pulses, cheese etc. Cairidh I hate it when people stop eating red meat, while still eating chicken and fish, and call themselves vegetarian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I stopped eating fish and seafood when I was 2 because I knew what it was - but I didn't realise meat was an animal until I was 10 doh. When I ate meat, I hated the taste of nearly all food, when I became vegetarian suddenly everything tasted nice. Other people always like my vegetarian - and vegan - food. So it's a myth vegetarians miss out on food that tastes good. Olivia I've been a vegetarian for 18 years, since I was I don;t like the taste, texture or idea of meat. But it's right vegetarians are always attacked for not eating meat, as if they are 'strange' or real desperate animal rights activists.

And if I hear 'but why? And it's always asked over and over again by the same small minded people. It's so annoying. So give us a break!!!! I don;t care what you eat so get your nose outta my dinner plate. Kirsty Iv been a veggie for about 2 months. What conerted me was all the recent documentaries made on slaughter houses etc, which was very disturbing. But now im staring to realise that obviously not all animals are killed like that. We shouldn't label ourselves as "vegetarian" or "meat eater", people should just eat what they want without having to contradict others for their eating habits!

If people want to eat meat then let them! It's natural to eat it - it's the food chain of life! However if people don't want to eat meat then don't! No one can contradict you and say it's boring because how would they know? As for me - you could say i bat for both teams! Rachie I'm 14 and have been veggie for 2 years in april. Isnt eating vegetable murder? Are people being stupid on purpose or are their brain cells being killed by their precious meat?

Shannon I'v ben a vegetarien for about 4 years and i'm only I am a vegetarian becaus I love animals and I think hunting is murder. Holly The one that always annoys me is when as soon as people find out you're a vegetarian they feel like they have to start challenging you or defending their meat eating habits or preaching about idealist animal rights activists even once I've made it perfectly clear that I'm nothing of the sort.

Just because I'm veggie doesn't mean I'm always looking for an argument about it. I get bored of having to defend something that I shouldn't have to defend any more than my favourite colour. The only answer I now give to "Why don't you eat meat? I also have issues with the person who said it was "stupid" not to care if other people eat animals and you "may as well eat them yourself.

I don't see any hypocrisy, just a choice made for a different reason. Its militant vegetarians and idealist animal rights activists who give the rest of us normal, well-balanced vegetarians a bad name. Rachel i think it vastly unfair that even in today's society we can't tolerate other people's eating habits. Some people choose not to eat meat, others do, some won't eat meat because of health problems or religious reasons. I have been veggie for a year and i find it brilliant - i cook so much more from scratch and it all tastes better than processed food.

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Vegetarianism is a lifstyle choice, if i said i was converting to Judaism or islam no-one would bat an eyelid, yet i have spent a year being ridiculed by everyone for taking a stand against animal cruelty! I believe that children should make their own mind up about eating meat or not. Isn't that a paradox in itself? I don't miss meat at all, but i think there are so many fallacies concerning both veggies and meat-eaters. Sarah I have been a vegetarian for almost twenty years now so have had lots of abuse from ignorant animal eaters. One lady once reminded me that we are born to have certain teeth to chew meat, my reply was 2yes but we are also born with an appendix but we dont use that for anything do we".

Why do people who eat animals find it necessary to abuse us vegetarians as well? Probably their guilty consciounce coming through! Joan We humans can survive without the need to cause suffering to beautiful creatures. That is my reason for being a vegetarian. The recent health scares related to various types of meat are very worrying, to the point that people are turning to eating less meat and looking for safer alternatives.

There's loads of luverly grub if you bother to look. It's not rocket science! Elaine It's amazing that our close relatives - in some cases closer than others the gorillas are big strong and healthy and yet are vegetarians. Pia Firstly, if you are getting strange reactions from your 'friends' because you choose not to eat meat, then you don't have very open-minded friends.

I am vegetarian, and when I go to my friends houses to eat, they always make the effort to cook vegetarian for me. When they come to my house, I cook meat for them. My main reason for not eating meat is that I hate to see the amount of meat we waste every day. Look on the 'sale' counter at your local supermarket and it is always full of meat products.

I don't have a problem with us killing animals to eat, but I do have a problem with us killing animals and not making use of the life that they gave.

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Therefore I have removed myself from adding to the deman for meat which encourages our supermarkets to over-stock meat products. I don't want or expect the world to become vegetarian, or even understand my reasons for becoming veggie, but it's my choice, and if people have a problem with it or don't understand it - tough. Michelle I've been vegetarian for 18 years and love it. My partner is also vegetarian.

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Our biggest gripe is the lack of choice on offer from restaurants - very few offer more than one or two choices Sarah I have been a veggie since i was 16, my husband eats meat, although he will eat a lot of veggie food, and we are also giving our 2 year old meat until she is old enough to make up her own mind. I dont have a problem cooking meat as long as i dont have to eat it. L I'm starting to think that Vegetarians can't spell. Dave i have been a veggie for a total of about 6 weeks now and i feel amazing.

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As a student i find it is much cheaper to eat veggie and much more healthy because i'm not buying bad quality meat. Mamta People who do not either like the meat taste or realize the existence of self beyond this body become vegetarian. I belong to second category and am proud of it. Giles Victoria, I have been vegetarian for 16 years but I have never had the urge to be a preacher. This emphasises the often missed point that vegetarianism for many, not all is about chosing to sacrifice something we enjoy for the benefit of animals.

Too often humans are driven merely by action for their own benefit. Rachel The variety of food which I have tried since becoming veggie two years ago has been incredible. I never would have tried half of it if I had still been on a omnivorous diet. I also have found that I feel healthier as meat takes longer to digest and sits in your stomach for longer. I feel a lot less bloated. I do find that people do tend to panic when you say you are veggie as they don't realise what they can cook instead.

They only think of what they cannot cook for you. My mum now has a standard meal that I get every time I go there!! It's just that people are not educated in this and growing up in a omnivorous culture or meatatarian as I prefer to call it! Natalie I became veggie at the age of six because I love animals no-one else in my family is but my Mum is great and she understands my decision. The thing that annoys me most is when people treat me like some kind of freak and think that I'm someone who goes faint at anything remotely digusting just because in Science I didn't particularly enjoy seeing a animal's heart be sliced to pieces.

I'm fed up with some people treating me different just because I don't eat meat! Rachel I am 19 and i've been a veggie for the last 8 years. No one else in my family is and I don't have a problem with eating with them. I think that becoming a vegetarian is a personal choice and something that isn't for everyone. I can't imagen eating meat again I don't feel that I am missing out by not eating meat I ate meat for 11 years and I know what it tastes like and after 8 years I can't imagen eating it again.

Cath I'm a veggie but don't judge what others eat. So, why do so many meat eaters feel compelled to treat veggies like freaks! I went veggie for health reasons and quite frankly challenge any meat eater to try being a vegetarian for a month and not feel so much healthier! Its a simple exercise, just try it and you may appreciated how one persons normal can easily by another persons normal! Steve I have been a vegetarian for 3 months now. I had been trying for a while but due to the environment i was in at home i have struggled.

I knew that ive always wanted to be vegetarian and on watching a recent program on the TV it made me that extra bit passionate about doing it. Im in a relationship with a meat eating partener it made it hard to start with as she didnt fully understand my reasons behind my choice but she tries her best to help me now and even joins in herself when we are out ordering food or cooking at home. Jack Kelly I have recently become a vegetarian The foot and Mouth outbreak certainly made me think again and I am 73yrs old.

Victoria How can you not disagree with people eating animals you stupid girl. You might as well eat them yourself if that is what you think. Her voice is like a Angel. Sweetest girl in the world. Reggie: Because Awesome day with my little man watching the Red Arrows yesterday. What a way to wrap up a weekend. Until next time buddy.

Love you mate. Twitch week 34 is on YouTube. Go Pacers! Informa: The Athletic. When The Plug Shows Up. Bold Take: I do not think Knicks fans should complain about their team rn. They have solid starters and role players all-around that are similar to that of the LA Clippers style. Sorry for being very inactive. At least the flooded road is good for something.

So derpy. I watched Eddie the eagle now and Taron looks so cute, he looks like a little baby, I want to hug him so much. There's a crazy feathery creature, in my room!