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Even if you have guests coming over. Take Mr. Rogers, for example , who swapped his jacket for a cardigan and his brogues for sneakers upon arriving home for decades.

Investment Pieces: The Well-Crafted Clothes That Are Actually Worth Rent

Trust Joan: she also invented sunglasses. Speaking of Mr. Rogers: you also need a pair of house shoes. Shoes that you never, ever wear outside.

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You can see them here, on Chloe Sevigny in a recent T feature. You need them like the desert needs the rain, like this sentence needs another simile.

You should never wear these lounge clothes to bed. Related Stories for GQ Pants. This will make looking through your closet significantly less frustrating.

The Best Street Style from Pitti Uomo

This will save you a ton of time! I also like to photograph my items by clothing type all my blouses, all my skirts, and so on.

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Remember to focus on quality over quantity. You may find a few gems that have fallen to the back of the closet, but make sure you still remove the items that are no good. I do this when I feel like I want to wear a certain top or dress, but am drawing a blank when it comes to outfit ideas.

Try experimenting with new color combinations. Mixing your existing clothes in unexpected color combinations can make them feel fresh! Stylebook Tip: Tap the Clone Outfit button while looking at an outfit in Edit mode to make an identical copy. This is a really quick and easy way to swap out outfit components while preserving the original.

Custom Clothing

If you record your outfits now, you won't have to rack your brain to think of something to wear later in the spring or summer. Here are a few solutions that will help you overcome your rut and make your wardrobe interesting again. Solution A: Incorporate It Sweatpants, T-shirts, and leggings feel amazing because they're made of soft fabrics and usually have a good amount of stretch. If they're well made and still in good shape no pills, stains, fading, or holes!

Wear an oversized t-shirt half-tucked into skinny jeans with a pair of comfortable heels.

If you have a pair of tapered sweatpants, wear them with a silk button-front shirt and heels. Solution B: Get Inspired Go shopping with comfortable fabrics in mind; just remember to keep the shapes polished. Think about their cost per wear - the more you wear the item, the less it costs you per wear.

Put On Your Shoes - Clothing Song for Kids

Solution B: Machine Wash Some items are even too delicate for this so be cautious! Fit Problem: Every time you look in the drawer, you only see a jumbled mess of clothes that have stretched, shrunk, or never fit to begin with.

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Solution: Donate or toss ill-fitting clothes now. This means you may have to do a little shopping, but now you can plan what to purchase based on what you currently own. Before you shop, make as many outfits as you can with what you have and take notes on what items could give you even more combos.