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To justify deferring your place, you'll need to prove that your gap year is constructive and that you'll gain something from it. Choosing to do something related to your course may also strengthen your case. For some subjects, such as maths and physics, it's important to keep your subject knowledge and skills up to date, so you'll need to explain to your tutors how you intend to do this.

If you're unsure of whether this time out will affect you, speak to lecturers and friends and ask your university careers service if they offer any support for students planning time away from their studies. Taking a gap year in the middle of your university years isn't recommended, as the planning can distract you from your routine, with students often finding it hard to return to their studies once it's over. This is further complicated by the fact that your peer group will have moved on.

Being surrounded by new people can make settling back in much tougher and you may even lose enthusiasm for the course altogether.

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Unless you have a good reason for taking time out from your course to do a gap year, employers may perceive this time away as a lack of commitment. You need to think how you will explain this, detailing how what you learned helped you successfully complete the course when you returned. Rather than having a full year off, you could possibly take a 'mini gap year' and use the summer holidays to travel, volunteer or work abroad. You then won't miss any of your course, but have the same opportunity to acquire skills that complement your degree.

It may also show employers that you have developed good time management skills, organising your trip alongside a full-time degree. To find out what's on offer, search work experience and volunteering opportunities abroad. After so many years devoted to study, a gap year could be seen as a well-earned break.

As a wiser and more mature graduate, you could use this time to reflect on what you've achieved and decide on your next move. Entering the working world fresh from a break could be more beneficial than getting burned out from years of studying. With such strong competition for jobs, you might wonder whether delaying entry into the jobs market is the best idea. However, a gap year can build the skills that employers are looking for and you'll be equipped with experiences to give your CV a boost. On the other hand, due to your student loan and general living costs, you'll likely leave university in some debt, so taking a year out may not always be the best option.

Instead, getting a job straight after graduation, giving you a regular income and the chance to start paying off some of what you owe, might be a more practical idea.

Southeast Asia Gap Year Program

You could still take a short break, but choose to stay closer to home. If you plan to enter an employer graduate scheme , you'll need to consider the timing of your applications, the recruitment process and potential start date. For those that return to the UK having had a great time on your gap year, the reality of coming home without university or a job to look forward to might leave you feeling deflated. It's therefore worth having a plan of action for what comes afterwards.

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Getting a job CVs and cover letters Applying for jobs Interview tips Open days and events Applying for university Choosing a course Getting into university Student loans and finance University life Changing or leaving your course Alternatives to university Post a job. Gap year. On this page What is a gap year? What are the benefits of taking a gap year? Will it affect my chances of getting a job? Can I take a gap year before university? Can I take a gap year during university? Should I take a year out after university? Taking a gap year can be beneficial - certainly in terms of your career and the experiences gained - but you'll need to determine if it's the right choice for you What is a gap year?

Develop your transferable skills - you'll learn to budget when planning a gap year, and you'll need to use your initiative when making all the preparations. And moving forward in your God given design. Are you ready for that? We will accomplish this through a number of travel, adventure, individual and group challenges. Through these the student will develop a strong sense of identity, decision making skills and a high level of independence.

Examples of some of the more exciting adventure activities include: surfing lessons, firearm training, walking up the iconic Table Mountain and Lions Head. We want to awaken the wanderlust and adventure-spirit in each student so we do not confine our activities to just the Helderberg region but target areas across the Western Cape, from the west coast through to the forests of Tsitsikamma. During this part of the program there will be a lot of opportunity for feedback on the other aspects of the program, for instance Growth sessions, Adventure and Enhance, that will challenge the mind-set and paradigm of each student, essentially broadening their personal frame of reference.

This entails a lot of group work, sharing, individual research and presentations to the group. This part of the program also consists of individual coaching sessions, self-awareness and self-discovery workshops as well as aptitude assessments with the specific outcomes aimed at furthering self-understanding and personal growth.

Life at Pneumatix will include individual coaching sessions too. A variety of tools and techniques are used with an aim towards helping students identify and achieve personal goals. At Pneumatix one is not just a student number. So central to PNEUKLEUS is spiritual formation and development which translates into activities centred on forming an active relationship with God and developing a sound understanding thereof. PNEUKLEUS aims to guide the candidate through many of life's spiritual questions and challenges, focusing on aspects such as who God is and the elements that comprise a healthy spiritual relationship with Him.

Apart from being filled with spiritual truth the candidate is also given the chance to celebrate their spirituality by means of community projects that are supported by means of serving opportunities and national tours to schools and other institutions. These both impart fundamental Christian principles into the student, while equipping the student to disciple and mentor others.

This takes place mostly in a lecture-room environment, which will also ready the student for further studies at a university or college. Enhance is that part of the program to where the PNEUKLEUS student is exposed to different career fields by means of career exposure, job shadowing and additional courses.

Career exposure: In today's world it is critical that one makes the correct career choice and for the right reasons. Because of this one of the key factors in the program is exposing students to the theory and practical side of as many career fields as possible within the 29 week course length. We realise that when a scholar finishes school they are faced with so many job possibilities and at that stage of their life, some may have not decided on which direction they would like and should to take.

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The PNEUKLEUS gap year student will have the opportunity to learn the realities and opportunities pertaining to career fields from a number of different industry specialists and various institutions. Job shadowing: The student will be given the opportunity to shadow different industry specialists of their choice for a day or two during the last week of the 2nd term. It is hoped that through this, final career and study choices can be made. Courses: Opportunities will be introduced in the later part of the year for students to attend certain courses.

At the very least these courses will go towards improving their employability in temporary positions while they study at a college or university. Examples of these courses are: first aid, dance and drama. All this is done with the aim of giving the student enough hands-on exposure to career fields so that they may be able to make an informed career choice, while equipping them for a life at a tertiary study institution. For this reason the course focuses heavily on career skills and career guidance, assessing the students with an aptitude assessment and coaching them in the process of formulating their top career choices and the application to the relevant training institution.