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Most Shocking: Dumbest Criminals (S2 E9) (2007)

The names have been changed to protect the ignorant! Dumb crime can be found all around the world. Author: Butler, Daniel and Alan Ray.

The Stupid Stupid of the World’s 29 Dumbest Criminals

Language: English Copyright: Read more about the PowerV Word Selector. Introduces readers to the world of forensic investigation through the fictional story of Jessa Carter, who desperately seeks to escape The world Shakespeare knew was full of danger, excitement and change. Elizabethan London was filthy, crowded, crime-ridden, hazardous, thrilling and The world of cops and robbers comes alive in this fascinating look at crime through the ages that explores such The Ancient Greeks took crime seriously, and citizens were expected to know the laws of the city.

The worst crimes Please note that the Lexile measures for a small population of books have been recently updated.

The 20 Dumbest Criminals Of All Time (GALLERY)

Enhancements were made to more precisely measure materials read in K-2 classrooms. Although the vast majority of books that have Lexile measures did not change, a small subset of books required updated Lexile measures. Many products and services offer Lexile measures for their books and reading materials. So how did Michael Anthony Fuller think he could get one over on Walmart? Walmart called the police and he was charged.

Whether he and the above Charles Ray Fuller are related is unknown. Although this thief was — incredibly — never apprehended, we know his name is Trevor Jones.

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Clever profiling, DNA clues…? No, he logged into Facebook at the house he was burgling and forgot to log out. He also left his car with keys and wallet in it in the driveway, which got confiscated when the homeowner arrived home to see the front door open. And when he realised the game was up, he did what any right thinking criminal imbecile would do — he ran off and jumped into a nearby pond.

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Even robbers can be reasonable. You go to hold up a restaurant but these are busy places, right? When the owner asks you come back in an hour and do the hold-up then, you can sympathize. Of course when they did the police were waiting.

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Like a criminal game of Scissors, Paper, Stone, some weapons are guaranteed to trump others. So, if you were robbing somewhere like a toy shop, a baseball bat would be a pretty intimidating thing to be waving around.

The World's Dumbest Criminals

Less so if you wanted to rob a gun shop, however. Yes, dopey Derrick Mosley walked into Discount Gun Sales in Oregon and smashed up the display cabinet grrr before the owner pulled out his own pistol and put a stop to the wrong-headed raid. The title almost tells you everything you need to know. Any ambitious robbery relies on the speed, reliability and, um, unobtrusive nature of your getaway vehicle. Which for most thieves counts out a donkey.