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Herewith a few opinions.

ISBN 13: 9781585010196

Harry Jaako, Estonian honorary consul in Vancouver would like to see the book translated into Estonian - a valuable suggestion indeed. And praise continues from the homeland as well. Doris Kareva belongs to the same generation as the author, Crissa Constantine, and her positive review speaks volumes.

Kareva found the heroine to be a true, fearless Nordic woman with mystical qualities. The book has great historical value for Estonians. Many prominent non-Estonians have praised the work as well.

Brotherton and Luis Barrios use a unique combination of sociological and criminological reasoning to isolate the forces that motivate emigrants to leave their homeland and then commit crimes in the Unites States violating the very terms of their stay. Housed in urban landscapes rife with gangs, drugs, and tenuous working conditions, these individuals, the authors find, repeatedly play out a tragic scenario, influenced by long-standing historical injustices, punitive politics, and increasingly conservative attitudes undermining basic human rights and freedoms.

Brotherton and Barrios conclude that a simultaneous process of cultural inclusion and socioeconomic exclusion best explains the trajectory of emigration, settlement, and rejection, and they mark in the behavior of deportees the contradictory effects of dependency and colonialism: the seductive draw of capitalism typified by the American dream versus the material needs of immigrant life; the interests of an elite security state versus the desires of immigrant workers and families to succeed; and the ambitions of the Latino community versus the political realities of those designing crime and immigration laws, which disadvantage poor and vulnerable populations.

Filled with riveting life stories and uncommon ethnographic research, this volume relates the modern deportee's journey to broader theoretical studies in transnationalism, assimilation, and social control.

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