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Paul E. Melusine Draco. Being Alive. Literary Swordsmen and Sorcerers.

Sprague deCamp. George Orwell's Animal Farm. Caroline Korf. The Frog Prince. John Porter. Tolkien Companion and Guide: Volume 1: Chronology. Wayne G. Joan Hoff. Charles Limley. David Alderton. Tolkien Studies.

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Modern Fantasy: The Best Novels. David Pringle. Tolkien and the Study of His Sources.

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Jason Fisher. Tolkien the Medievalist. Children's Fantasy Literature. Michael Levy. The Plants of Middle-earth. Dinah Hazell. The Body in Tolkien's Legendarium. Christopher Vaccaro. The Hobbit: Top 50 Facts Countdown. TK Parker. Writing Down the Dragon. Tom Simon. Dr Raymond Edwards. Lynn Forest-Hill. Richard Mathews.

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Death and Immortality in Middle-earth. Daniel Helen. Visible Signs. Lawrence Raab. The Heroes of Tolkien. Celebrities' Favourite Books. Jeff Thorburn. First Light. Erica Wagner. Tolkien: An unauthorised biography of the world's most revered fantasy writer. Gary Raymond. Tolkien Success Facts - Everything you need to know about J. Lori Lancaster. Promenade as a verb means to walk or ride leisurely for pleasure or for display and parade.

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As a noun it means a place, a road or path for such strolling, walking or riding—usually the main avenue of the city, at the park, or at the seashore or riverbank. The promenading phenomenon possesses a special significance for urban society. The origins of the promenade in Paris, as both an idea and an activity, from the reign of Louis XIV spread throughout the cities of Europe. As the activity of strolling became democratized, it spilled beyond the bounds of gardens into the streets and boulevards.

Bordered by footpaths and rows of trees to provide shade, boulevards integrated elements of the French garden into the urban landscape [ 2 , 3 , 4 ]. Waterfronts, seashores or riverbanks have the traditions of promenading—in pre-industrial cities, waterfront areas were intensely used and thriving with people and activities. The close relationship between the waterfronts and the cities was interrupted with the industrial era and by the use of waterfronts as huge ports, for transportation uses, for commercial uses, industry, and warehouses [ 7 , 8 ].

The economic changes, changes in transportation and trade, led to the abandonment of industrial plants and harbors, and with the increasing environmental awareness waterfronts were rediscovered for the city, and the phenomenon of waterfront regeneration emerged. Urban waterfront regeneration projects have become an effective tool for urban planning and politics in international dimension since s [ 8 ]. Successful redevelopments of urban waterfront areas transformed the degraded harbor zones to new urban leisure centers of vital importance.

Many examples and case studies show, that by creating public access, walkways and open spaces, by attractive urban design, landscaping and various land uses, the waterfronts become lively urban promenades. Many examples also show that aims to improve, protect and restore the natural features and functions of rivers and watercourses in urban areas, their hydrological, geological and biological characteristics, and the aims to restore riparian and in-stream habitats, create opportunities to use the water corridors as greenways—as green promenades for walking, cycling, with recreational, and sport functions, attractive for inhabitants and for tourists.

The DANUrB Project aims to enhance tourism, and create a sustainable cultural and tourism strategy for small Danube towns, proving social and economic benefits for local inhabitants [ 9 ]. Strategic place branding is often used as a methodology for tourist attraction [ 11 ]. For the strategic place branding of Danube cities, the most important spaces are the riverfronts. We have studied the riverfronts of the selected pilot cities, and tested the possibilities to improve the quality of their river landscapes. They have been selected as pilot cities for testing the concept of promenade as landscape architecture strategy for riverbanks of small Danube cities.

Its twin city on the Hungarian bank of Danube is Esztergom and the two cities are connected by the bridge of Maria Valeria. The city has a rich history. Its surrounding area was first settled in the Stone Age.

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In , it became a station on the railway track from Bratislava to Budapest. In , the bridge to Esztergom was opened. After World War I, the town became a border town of Czechoslovakia. In , as a result of the First Vienna Arbitration, it was returned to Hungary. Its location in the southern—hottest part of Slovakia, in the Danubian lowland, together with natural resources of thermal water in the thermal spa Vadas create opportunities for summer recreation. The city is famous for its tolerance—throughout the centuries, people of different nationalities and religions have lived here together, what gives the city a special atmosphere and flavor.

Its main economic sectors are pulp and paper industry, agriculture, and tourism. First findings stem from the Neolithic, Eneolithic period, and the Bronze Age. Many archeological remains indicate that the area was settled by the Celts toward the end of the first century BC. During the first century AD, the Roman Empire extended its frontiers over the region forming the province of Pannonia. The Romans established the military camp and the settlement Brigetio on the southern shore of the Danube, and a chain of fortifications built along the Danube shores protected the camp and the town.

On the northern shore the fortified bridgehead of Celemantia, was built at the beginning of the second century. Gothic, Slavic and Avar findings have been excavated here from the seventh and eight century AD [ 13 ]. Shakespeare Box Set. William Shakespeare. Your review has been submitted successfully.

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