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Just where did he come from?

What happened to his parents? Who raised him as a baby? The secret to the Silent Deal is locked up in the highest tower of Molotov's haunted castle, guarded by a legion of masked thugs, the Masqueraiders remember what I said about English puns? Viktor and Romulus, of course, have to bust in.

They're not going to let that talk of ghosts, insanity, and weird medical experiments frighten them. Then there's Romulus's secret den in the middle of the forest, as well as the weird hideout full of antique weapons and revolutionary literature the boys discover in the middle of a thorn maze.

Aryk is worse than Innsmouth when it comes to hideous secrets. Ah, yeah, the Silent Deal. I was totally into that in college. Yeah, I carried the playing cards and memorized the Brass Art and everything. Come to a meeting? I have to work. And my kid has dance practice. Still, those were the days, eh? Disclosure: I got a free copy of The Silent Deal from the author.

The Silent Deal: The Card Game, Book 1

I flat out asked for a bribe, and still was refused. More books in this series coming soon. Book Report : Our highly scientific analysis of a book, from the characters to the writing style to the swoon. See More There's a Boy in the Girls' Bathroom! The Deal: It's , in the weird little isolated Russian town of Aryk.

Testosterone Level: Rocky IV If there's one thing we learned from that great movie, it's that all Russians are brutal, muscular hulks who speak with their fists, or jovial alcoholics. Discarded cards are dead and cannot be taken for any reason. Each player or team builds a tableau; in team play, only one is built for a single team. This tableau is divided into Battle, Speed, Distance, and Safety areas; cards in the Battle and Speed areas are stacked so that only the top card shows. The example shows a typical tableau midway through a game.

Speed Limit and End of Limit cards are played in their own area. Distance km stone cards are played according to value; it's common to play the km cards distinctly, rather than fanned. Safety cards are played along the top of the tableau; note that the horizontal placement of the Extra Tank card in the example has a special significance.

Note that a Hazard cannot be played unless one's opponent is "moving", except for the Speed Limit. Once an Accident, Out of Gas, or Flat Tire Hazard has been played, and the appropriate Repair card played as a counter; one must next play a Roll card to get "moving" again. Playing a Safety corrects the corresponding Hazard and also protects against future Hazards of this type. However, when the Safety is played normally, a Roll must still be played before any Distance cards.

Whenever the Safety is played, the same player draws another card immediately and plays again. It is possible to play another Safety and another, each time drawing a card before playing again. When a player's speed is limited as shown in the example he may only play 25 and 50 km cards. No more than two km cards may be played by any team in a single hand. The Right of Way card both remedies and protects against Stop and Speed Limit Hazards; if a player or team has played this card then he or they need not display a Roll card in order to "move"; any Stop or Speed Limit showing is removed to the discard pile at the time the Right of Way card is played.

However, the player is still vulnerable to other Hazards. A player may always discard, even if he has a legal play available. If a player cannot play in any other way he must discard. Under no circumstances may a Distance card be played that would put one's total over the race goal of km. Note that play continues after the draw pile is exhausted, each player playing or discarding one card per turn. The Hazard is removed to the discard pile, revealing the Roll card beneath it. Play resumes to his left, not to that of he who played the offending Hazard; thus any intervening players lose their turns.

This is an advantage over playing a Safety later normally , when it merely corrects the Hazard and a Roll card is still required to "move". Mille means and the game is normally played to a total of km. In some variations it may be agreed that the goal is km, instead. If one player reaches this total then he may choose either to end the hand immediately and collect the appropriate scores for trip completion; or to call Extension , in which case the hand continues to a goal of km.


One must still reach the goal of km exactly either to win the hand or call for extension. Trip completion itself is worth points in either case; but there is a bonus for the extension itself. Note that it is possible to reach km, call for extension, and fail to reach km. If one's opponents reach km first, they collect all trip completion scores and bonuses. In a 2-player game, the maximum score that can be made in one hand is 5, points.

On this hand, the trump ace, a spade, and a diamond trick must be lost, so declarer must not lose a trick in clubs. However, there is an almost-equal chance that it is held by East, in which case it can be 'trapped' against the ace, and will be beaten, using a tactic known as a finesse.

In Tsarist Russia, Cards Deal You! What a Country! | Forever Young Adult

After considering the cards, the declarer directs dummy North to play a small spade. Not having anything better to do, East returns the remaining trump, taken in South's hand. The trumps now accounted for, South can now execute the finesse, perhaps trapping the king as planned. South enters the dummy i.

If East doesn't play the king, then South will play a low club from South's hand and the queen will win anyway, this being the essence of the finesse. The game is now safe: South ruffs a small club with a dummy's trump, then ruffs a diamond in hand for an entry back, and ruffs the last club in dummy sometimes described as a crossruff.

Finally, South claims the remaining tricks by showing his or her hand, as it now contains only high trumps and there's no need to play the hand out to prove they are all winners. The trick-by-trick notation used above can be also expressed in tabular form, but a textual explanation is usually preferred in practice, for reader's convenience. Plays of small cards or discards are often omitted from such a description, unless they were important for the outcome. North-South score the required 10 tricks, and their opponents take the remaining three.

North asks East to check the score entered on the traveller. All players return their own cards to the board, and the next deal is played. The contract depends on the club finesse working, or a mis-defense. The bonus points awarded for making a game contract far outweigh the penalty for going one off, so it is best strategy in the long run to bid game contracts such as this one.

Therefore, the superior percentage play is to take the club finesse, as described above.

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After many years of little progress, computer bridge made great progress at the end of the 20th century. Strong bridge playing programs such as Jack World Champion in , , , , and , Wbridge5 World Champion in , and , RoboBridge [57] and many-time finalist Bridge Baron, would probably rank among the top few thousand human pairs worldwide. A series of articles published in and in the Dutch bridge magazine IMP describes matches between Jack and seven top Dutch pairs.

A total of boards were played. Overall, the program Jack lost, but by a small margin versus imps. There are several free and subscription-based services available for playing bridge on the internet. For example:. Some national contract bridge organizations now offer online bridge play to their members, including the English Bridge Union, the Dutch Bridge Federation and the Australian Bridge Federation. MSN and Yahoo! Games have several online rubber bridge rooms. In , the WBF issued a special edition of the lawbook adapted for internet and other electronic forms of the game.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. See also: Glossary of contract bridge terms. Main article: Bridge scoring. Main article: Laws of Duplicate Bridge. Main article: History of contract bridge. Main articles: Bidding system and Bridge convention. Main article: List of play techniques bridge.

Main article: Computer bridge. This section appears to contain trivial, minor, or unrelated references to popular culture. Please reorganize this content to explain the subject's impact on popular culture, using references to reliable sources , rather than simply listing appearances. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

December Glossary of contract bridge terms List of bridge books List of bridge competitions and awards List of bridge magazines List of contract bridge people. In online computer play, players from anywhere in the world sit at a virtual table. More accurately, a hand is one player's holding of 13 cards, a deal is the four hands in one allocation of 52 cards; a board is a term more applicable to duplicate bridge and refers to a deal.

If the contract was doubled or redoubled, the declaring side receives and points respectively. Teach Yourself Books. Hodder and Stoughton. Moore December 19, USA Today. Retrieved 29 March The New York Times. Bridge for Dummies 2nd ed. Wiley Publishing, Inc. Stack Exchange. World Bridge Federation. Retrieved ACBL website. A cross-referenced listing with additional documentation is also available at "Bridge Laws Index".

The Playing-Card.

A site for YA readers who are a little less Y and a bit more A.

The International Playing-Card Society. Retrieved — via Pagat. The New Yorker. IOC Executive Board. BBC News. Bridge Lessons. Deal 1. Deal American Contract Bridge League Horn Lake, MS. Francis, Henry G. The Official Encyclopedia of Bridge 6th ed. Kantar, Eddie Bridge for Dummies 3rd ed. The Official Encyclopedia of Bridge 7th ed. CS1 maint: Extra text: authors list link.

Further information: List of bridge books. Topics related to Contract bridge. Contract bridge. List of bidding conventions. List of bridge people with Wikipedia english articles List of bridge administrators List of bridge writers. List of bridge competitions and awards. Trick-taking card games list. French deck card games.

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